Our silage product line offers a stable and reliable source of nutrition with an optimum nutritional composition.

At Rand Agri, our unwavering commitment is to source, produce, and deliver top-quality grain, oilseed, and pulse products and their by-products, seamlessly bridging the gap from the farm to your table. In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we are proud to introduce silage as one of our latest additions to our trading and export product line. Silage, a vital component of modern agriculture, is now at the forefront of our mission to deliver quality products that meet and exceed your expectations.

Ensuring a Constant Supply of Nutrient-Rich Silage

Harvest time is a pivotal moment in the agricultural calendar, especially for livestock nutrition. To cater to this demand, Rand Agri produces a constant supply of silage during this critical phase. We strive to provide silage with an optimum nutritional composition while minimising exposure and ensuring protection from the moment the crop is cut to when it’s wrapped.

The Benefits of Self-Grown Silage

We take quality control to the next level by producing our self-grown silage for customer contracts. This approach offers multiple advantages, including better quality control throughout the entire production-to-delivery process, enhanced scalability, and superior seasonal production planning. We understand that consistency is key, and our self-grown silage ensures that you receive the same high-quality product every time.

Utilising Cutting-Edge Equipment for Optimal Silage

Quality starts with the right tools, which is why we invest in state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee high-density silage and rapid oxygen removal during production. Our meticulous process ensures that the nutritional integrity of our silage is preserved, resulting in a product rich in essential nutrients and highly digestible.

Silage Harvesting and Production Silage

Perfecting Fermentation Conditions for Maximum Nutrient Retention

At Rand Agri, we understand that perfect fermentation conditions are essential for optimal silage production. These conditions are determined by the specific crop and harvest stage. To maintain the highest standards, we conduct regular silage audits. These audits not only ensure the delivery of silage with the best nutritional value and low microbial levels but also provide optimal nutrients tailored to your livestock’s feed needs. Our commitment to perfection extends to delivering stable silage even after the wraps (packaging) are removed.

Minimising Losses for Superior Silage Quality

Silage production inevitably entails some losses, but Rand Agri has taken comprehensive measures to minimise them. This includes addressing fermentation losses and cell respiration before procurement. Once in our possession, we manage the silage meticulously to prevent additional losses during transit or on the farm. The result is a product, that remains unaffected by oxygen breakdown, delivering nutritional silage high in energy and starch with low fibre, making it highly digestible. Cattle and sheep find the Silage incredibly palatable, readily adapting to it in their rations.

The Importance of Quality Packaging and Wrapping

We place great emphasis on the packaging and wrapping of our silage, recognising its critical role in preserving quality. We use premium-grade plastic film that ensures minimal oxygen permeability, with multiple layers for added protection. Our UV-stable packaging guarantees a long shelf life. Additionally, we employ specialty grab equipment for efficient offloading and handling, ensuring the quality of our product from start to finish.

Benefits of Quality Silage

The advantages of incorporating quality silage into your livestock’s diet are numerous. Traditional feedstuffs often exhibit variability, making it challenging to maintain consistent nutrition for your animals. Silage offers a solution by replacing or partially replacing these variable feedstuffs, ensuring a stable and reliable source of nutrition.

Silage Nutrional Animal Feed

Silage consistency, quality fibre, high digestibility, and palatability are hallmarks of our silage, promoting optimal feed intake and reducing feeding losses. This not only improves conversion efficiency but also leads to increased milk production, providing economic benefits to farmers, and ensuring that animals receive the necessary nutrients and energy.

Silage serves as pre-conditioned feed for rumen fermentation, promoting the health and efficiency of the rumen, a crucial component of the digestive system in ruminant animals

In conclusion

Rand Agri’s dedication to quality, innovation, and precision is exemplified in our silage production. We are committed to delivering excellence at every stage, from our fields to your farm. By choosing Rand Agri’s Silage you’re not just opting for a feed solution; you’re investing in the nutritional well-being of your livestock and the success of your farm. We invite you to experience the benefits of quality silage and join us in advancing agriculture through excellence.

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