Rand Agri provides efficient grain logistics solutions to the Southern African agricultural market

Rand Agri provides effective, professional grain logistics solutions to the southern African agricultural market.

Our logistics department effectively handles all your logistics and storage needs to ensure fast bulk transport of your grains across long distances.

From storage and transport to import and export across southern Africa and the world, we do it all.

We can store your grains in the short or long-term, and our large fleet of trucks allows for a wide geographical reach.

InTouch Rand Agri Seamless Secure Logistics

Rand Agri is dedicated to enriching our clients’ lives by creating solutions that streamline and improve their business processes. Our latest practical, high-tech client solution is InTouch – a secure process management logistics platform.

InTouch integrates cutting-edge security protocols to protect your privacy with a fully transparent  logistics process to protect your data. No second or third party is able to control your user data in InTouch – only you.

InTouch is grounded in next generation, uniquely innovative technology that enables users to integrate their own custom messaging types and build their own processes. The messaging interface is intuitive and easy to use, and the keyboard adapts to every unique magic message type.

Watch the video below for more information about InTouch.

Download the InTouch.io Mobile Application:

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