Rand Agri provides efficient grain and oilseed logistics solutions to the Southern African agricultural market

Rand Agri is a trusted provider of effective, professional logistics solutions for grain and oilseed producers in the southern African agricultural market.

Our experienced team of professionals is committed to ensuring your products are transported quickly and efficiently across southern Africa and beyond. The logistics team handles all your transport needs with a large fleet of trucks capable of transporting bulk quantities of grain across long distances. We ensure fast and efficient transport of your products to their final destination.

We also provide short- and long-term storage solutions for GMO and non-GMO maize (white/yellow) and soybeans at our Rietspruit bunker with a storage capacity of 55 000 tons. The facility is managed by TWK.

In addition to our comprehensive logistics services, Rand Agri also offers export and import services for grains and oilseeds. Rand Agri’s extensive knowledge of international trade regulations can help you navigate the complexities of exporting your products to markets across southern Africa and the world.

From storage and transport to import and export we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

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