At Rand Agri we believe in developing Africa’s food basket, which includes livestock

Rand Agri offers a range of highly nutritious animal feed by-products ideal to use as ingredients or nutritional add-on for livestock food. We supply by-products such as hominy chop, wheat bran as well as soybean and sunflower oilcakes.

Rand Agri is a proud member of The Animal Feed Manufacturer’s Association (AFMA).

Our Value-Add

Our animal feed division is committed to providing advice and services to our clients – farmers and other stakeholders within the animal feed value chain.

Rand Agri provides specialist grain storage, milling and trading services, entering into preferential contracts with suppliers, enabling us to constantly deliver high-quality, nutritional ingredients to produce livestock food.

We add value through our long-term grain-trade agreements, quality control, risk management as well as the transportation of feed ingredients and grain.

Our mills are strategically positioned in Mpumalanga and Qwa-Qwa, offering animal feed by-products such hominy chop. In addition, we supply ingredients such as wheat bran, soybean and sunflower oilcakes.

Our focus on feed ingredients allows farmers the flexibility to mix their own feeds by adding nourishing supplements, saving money and enhancing profitability.

Our Animal Feed Product-Range

We offer nutritional animal feed by-products in its raw form. Our animal feed by-products are rich in healthy fats, high in proteins, minerals and fibre to assist farmers to raise healthy, well-fed poultry, dairy, beef, sheep, pigs and game.

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