Rand Agri has yellow maize milling plants for processing and refining, to reliably deliver raw materials and maize meal

The Rand Agri yellow maize milling plant process, refine, and reliably deliver raw materials and maize meal across southern Africa. The mill produces high-quality grits, maize flour, hominy chop, and snack maize for use in consumer products like breakfast cereals, tortillas, and soup.

The Rand Agri maize milling plant in Bethal specialises in processing and refining yellow maize, ideally situated for easy access to raw yellow maize.

Safety First

We have food safety regulations in place at our mill to maintain the highest possible quality standards.

The mill has ample on-site storage facilities to save on overhead costs. The Rand Agri milling plant in Bethal produces and distributes our maize flour brand – Fantástico – to retailers in Lesotho, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Angola.

Maize Grits

Maize grits are mainly used in the production of most corn breakfast cereals, and snack foods like puffs or naks, and even as ingredients in bread mixes, soup powder, pet food products and other by-products of these commodities.

Super Fine Yellow Maize Meal (Flour E-250)

Super fine yellow maize meal is often used as a substitute for wheat flour, with a great taste and excellent thickening qualities. It’s popular for use in Mexican tortillas.

The flour is often used to make mush (or paste) that solidifies after cooling and can be cut into pieces, or in some instances, even fried. It’s also used in breakfast cereal, low fat maize starch and spices.

Super Yellow Maize Meal

Super maize meal is a staple food in most African countries (in South Africa, it’s known as “pap”). This is a type of porridge that is formed after the meal is cooked in water.

Snack Maize

Snack maize is used in popped corn and in the production of corn tortilla chips.

We supply snack maize to producers across southern Africa for packaging, branding and distribution to retail outlets.


Cornstarch is widely used all over the world in cooking and baking. It’s highly effective as a quick thinkening agen in sauces, soups, stews and other food.

High-fat cornstarch is used in the manufacturing of consumer products, like spices, soups and gravies. Low-fat cornstarch is used as a binder in the manufacturing of paper and briquettes.

Cornstarch is a powder that’s extracted from corn kernels by removing their outer bran and germ, leaving behind the starch-rich endosperm.

Hominy Chop

Hominy Chop is a  by-product produced during maize milling. While it’s classed as a fibrous by-product, it also contains a fermentable fibre source.

Chop is an inexpensive source of energy and fibre, and also serves as a protein supplement for livestock – like cattle, sheep and horses.

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